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our technologies

photo 2Web Technology Asmedianet develop websites, Internet based applications and ecommerce systems. We design solutions around your unique requirements, goals and audience. Asmedianet focus is on deliveringproducts that are accessible, maintainable and scaleable.

Website Tune-up Technology : Do you have an existing website that's starting to show its age? We can bring new life to your website and extend its operational life-span! welcome to our site

Software Development

We have the experience and capabilities to develop a wide variety of custom scripts and softwares (Internet, Intranet and LAN based applications). From multi-user data management systems to live statistical analysis - whatever you need we can build it.

ASP, PHP, Perl, JavaScripts, Java, Visual Basic, ASP.NET, JSP, DLLs, SQL, Oracle, Flash XML, API, Web Services, Delphi

Advertising Technology

We provide a full range of high marketing strategy to target your desired customer with greater precision. Test Alloservice Toolbar